Thursday, November 5, 2009

May be a trick...sure ain't no treat

Is it wrong for me to wish that my kids had H1N1? That might seem cruel and cold hearted, but really I'm just trying to give us all a break. If you refer to my three previous blog entries you will be entertained with tales of our fun filled Halloween adventures. Consider this the prologue...
Every single family that we celebrated with has at least one sick child. By Tuesday, they were all sick. Ahh the power of the mighty germ. I think Alexa (aka Pirate Princess) was the first to go down, but I don't have her mom's e-mail address so I cannot be sure of the situation. Ella (aka Cinderella) was taken down next by the evil swine. Zoe fell prey to the same dark master. but not my kids. Hailey and Parker like to march to the beat of their own drummer. Sing their own tune. Follow the path less taken. Blah, blah, blah, blah...sometimes there is something to be said for going with the flow. Moving with the pack. Following the leader. Instead of just a fever and a headache (and yes I know it can be WAY worse than that, but Zoe had a fever, a high fever, but only a fever) my little unique individuals have a snot filled extravaganza. We went to the doctor today- they both have ear infections, they both are wheezing, they both were running low grade temps, the are BOTH now on antibiotics, breathing treatments, and if that doesn't work Hailey gets the added bonus of oral steroids. Rock on! Neither of them sound like they can breathe, you can hear the wheezing from across the room, and nebulizing a 14 month old is like some terrible form of torture...for both of us. Screw waterboarding. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jona is in Guatemala for two weeks?! Thank the dear lord that Grammy is here to save the day. And we all know Grammy rocks the casbah. But she is totally getting the shaft being here for the sickos again. We WILL go to Sedona next week.
So yes, I may be a bad mother, but I wish my kids had the swine flu...and were sleeping through the night...and there wasn't a trail of snot down the cushions of my couch, and my shirt, and my pants, and a little on the floor.
And because I know a blog post without pictures might as well not be a blog post, I leave you with this. Go ahead and tell me I don't deserve a drink at the end of the day...