Saturday, December 19, 2009


With a wink of her eye and a swagger in her step, Hailey just offered me $20 if I would let her eat her cupcake before she finished her lunch. Is it poor parenting that after my initial thought that it certainly isn't good that my 3 year old is attempting bribery, I found myself wondering if she really does have $20 and where she might be hiding it?? I mean, I REALLY need a pedicure.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yes, I know I am a slacker. Yes, I know I haven't posted anything new since the beginning of November. So sue me. What follows will be a picture filled extravaganza with minimal narration on my part. I know you come here for the pictures and not the quick witted, always entertaining commentary anyway. Let us begin...
While Grammy's trip out west did start off a little crazy...

there was a rainbow at the end of our path.

We eventually made it to beautiful Sedona. And when I say beautiful, I don't mean "oh how pretty" beautiful, I mean "HOLY CRAP IS THAT REAL?!?" beautiful. It really is just like the postcards.
Hailey made some friends that- much to her liking- didn't even try to talk, which is good cause that meant she never had to stop.

And although it was seriously chilly, we even hiked around a little.

Hailey was a tad bummed that we didn't do the whole trail, but it started to sprinkle, and 5 miles seemed a bit beyond what we could handle.

Having Mom here was awesome, and then terrible to have her leave. But soon after our good-byes and our welcome home to daddy, we headed to Idaho for Thanksgiving. We arrived on Saturday and on Sunday we had a mega snowfall. Monday, Hailey and Jona made a tiny snowman complete with raisin eyes and mini carrot nose.

Hailey, ever searching for her next career move, tackled the role of make-up artist leaving Jona and I lookin' good.

We had a great time hanging out with the family, and I was even able to capture the elusive Gabe shot.

There was plenty of Grandma snuggles,

and an absurd amount of Wii playing (man that thing is addictive!).

Our Turkey Day feast was divine...the food was great and so was the company!

Gorging ourselves was followed with the delicate task of constructing gingerbread houses. Jona, Hailey, and Matthew made the house...really Jona made the house while Hailey decorated and Matthew ate the candy :)

While Miranda, Hayden and I made the gingerbread train. There was icing everywhere and I do believe that Hayden's tongue might still be green!

As promised, we finished the trip with a girls day out for Hailey. Little Miss Princess got her first ever professional manicure that included flowers painted on four of her nails. She didn't use her hands properly for two days because she was so worried she would mess it up, and we JUST took the polish off three weeks later!

And now Christmas is upon us. As soon as we came home from Idaho, I worked two night shifts and then Jona left for a conference in Philly. Chaos. But we finally got our tree up last week and decorated it with all of the ornaments we have collected throughout the years...

adding our Arizona 2009 chili pepper Santa last.

So that sums it up. Lots going on, lots to come. We head to M-I-A-M-I on Tuesday and I CANNOT WAIT! Santa has been informed that he will need to find us at Grammy and Grampy's house and we will ALL- and I do mean all 23 members of the Perrin clan- spend Christmas day and night at Rick's in Boyton Beach. Should be crazy...and fabulous!!
Happy Holidays everybody...I'll blog again in 2010! XOXOXO