Monday, May 17, 2010

The Grand Canyon

These need no narration...

Grammy, Grampy, & the Grand Canyon

We always love a visit from Grammy and Grampy. They were here for almost two weeks in April and it was awesome!

Backyard fun is the best.

I mentioned Rawhide Western Town in the last post. So, so, so hot. Parker had a thing for the lasso.

Now ladies and gentlemen if you look out the right side of the horse drawn carriage you will see dirt and perhaps even some rocks. Look closely and you might even catch a glimpse of a cactus.

We took a trip to Williams, AZ and from there we climbed aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. But we started the day with a classic cowboy show...fake guns, bad jokes and a couple of horses. Can't beat that first thing in the morning.

The train was great! We had a ridiculously knowledgeable tour guide named Morgan...she knew more about the railway, the Arizona desert, and the Grand Canyon than would've thought possible.

And then we arrived at the Canyon. I will post those pics on their own, they require no narration. But let me just say, it was amazing. It was awe inspiring. It made me cry.

Oh, and did I mention, it was COLD! So cold in fact that we spent most of our time there in the snow. THE SNOW!!!

Clearly the view proved too much for Parker.

Poor little guy. But seriously, this picture is hysterical!

We had a great lunch and then wandered around...IN THE SNOW!

We had to snuggle to stay warm.

Then we hiked back down to the train. Hailey's shoes were soaked to the core and yet she was eating ice cream.

But on the train ride back to Williams, we were robbed by cowboys!!!

Parker gave up all his money, mainly because he was terrified of the cowboys!

On our way back to Phoenix we stopped in Sedona for lunch with a view. Hailey grabbed the camera and took some great shots. I love this one in particular.

We wandered a little bit. And then...

we climbed back in the rented minivan and conked out. Can you see her drool?

Update #4 done...check.

Oooo Baby the Bradys

In April, my friend Dionne Brady and her lovely family came to town. My parents were also here and we all had a great time! We met on Saturday at the Phoenix Zoo. We love the zoo, but good golly was it HOOOOTTTT!

I miss Dionne so much, especially in the middle of the night at work when I need her to make me laugh at random stupidity. I think we are both pretty hot mamas, but man does she make me look WHITE! Ebony and ivory, come together in perfect harmony...I dare you not to sing that all day.
Joy, her oldest and Parker's life long love, took an instant liking to Grampy and his cool wheels.

Hailey loves Joy and Dionne, always has.

Say cheeeese Brady family...can you guess who doesn't belong in this picture?
(Left to Right: MY CHILD, Joy, Dionne, Miss Lottie aka Grandma Brady, and JJ)

It really was so incredibly hot. Parker kicked Joy out of Grampy's lap and passed out cold.

Sunday we met at Rawhide Western Town. It was terribly tacky, hot, and yet fun :)

This just might be our Christmas card.

It all proved too much for Baby Jayson. Yes his binkie is indeed propping his head up. And yes, we have no idea how long he was asleep before we noticed.

Dionne and Joy decided, to make it all legal finally. The kids are so proud.
Miss you girl!
Update #3 done...check.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kristy and Kiley Come to Town

A few days before our Bisbee trip, Kristy, one of my BFFs, came to town and brought with her the beautiful Miss Kiley. Oh, and her husband too...sorry Nick!

Kiley is of course gorgeous...was there every any question?!

I mean, with all these good looking people around its a wonder we could do anything but stare at ourselves all day long?!

Hailey established herself as not only the oldest, but also a wonderful mother figure.

Mmmmm, thank you Mama Hailey.
It was a wonderful visit. I loved seeing Spadely, and it was a neat change for us to have girl time together while being moms together. Such a gift. Kiley is a doll, but she was not a fan of Jona. Cried every time he entered the room, which is NOT something he is used to. Luckily, in Bisbee Jenna adopted him as her own and spent most of the time in his arms or his lap or fighting over him with Parker. It was good for his self esteem!
Update #2 done...check.

Bisbee, AZ

I'm way behind on the blogging. So I'm going to catch up you up in pictures and a tad of narration.
In March we went to Bisbee, a weird, hippie little border town. We went with the Walkers, who have become our good friends. Anne takes care of Parker a couple of days a week while I sleep off the night shift. We love her. I mean she is one of the greatest blessings our family has had in our lives since we moved here. Parker loves her, loves her house, loves her daughter, loves her. There has not been a single day of separation anxiety. In fact, the other day when he was getting so sick, I said "are you going to have so much fun at Anne's today?" And despite the fact that he was still in his PJs and hadn't had breakfast, he grabbed his blankie, popped in his binkie, and walked out to the garage to wait by the car. We love her. And she's a super cool girlfriend of mine..the whole package.

We hiked even though we couldn't find the trail.
Hailey and Mikayla became fast friends and loved each other's company. I don't think they stopped talking the ENTIRE three days. I'm not even sure they ever listened to each other, they just talked and talked and talked.

Parker and Jenna continued their bonding over bowls and bowls of blueberries and hummus and snap peas and dried strawberries and everything else they could eat. And you've seen them dancing.

Love the hip swing attitude in this one.

Scott, Anne, Mikayla and Jenna (she's there on her mom's back I promise) Walker.

Ok, one update done...check.