Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jenna and Parker Rock Out

I took this during our March trip to Bisbee, AZ. I dare you not to laugh at Parker's smooth moves and Jenna's saucy style!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Started Strong...

I FINALLY took the kids for professional pictures. The ones we took a year ago are still on my badge at work. New mothers ask me all the time about my cute baby...most of the time I don't admit that my "baby" is now 19 months old!
We started off strong...

They really are so stinking cute.
I mean, this face! THIS face wins me over time and again. THIS face smiles and his whole body lights up. THIS face babbles and giggles and makes my heart sing.

And this beauty! THIS beauty has a smile that shines through any crowd. THIS beauty is brilliant. THIS beauty is sassy and smart mouthed and so incredibly funny. THIS beauty runs the roost and we all know it!

The photo shoot went something like this...
Great job Hailey!

Parker, can you lay down next to Hailey and say cheese?
For just a second?
How about by yourself?
Say cheeeeessssse?
C'mon Parker!
Ok, that isn't working. How about you two hold hands.
Pretend like you like each other...seriously.
A little closer maybe?
Good job Hailey!
Parker, smile your big smile!

Okay, this isn't working either.
Hailey, let's do a few more of just you. You are doing such a great job!

Ok Parker, now its your turn again!
No, no, stand still!
C'mon Parker, just a couple more.

And that was that!