Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two rooms down...

...only 1800 square feet left to decorate!
I put the finishing touches on Parker's room yesterday and now his jungle is complete.
His room is so much less cluttered than Hailey's...poor guy. Today he actually woke up from his morning nap and pointed towards Hailey's door and said "Dat." He knows where the cool kids hang out!
This past weekend we experienced the first, of what I am sure will be MANY, trips to the Phoenix Zoo. And yes, it was hot. Really hot. REALLY REALLY hot. But we were there with our new friends Lisa, Michael, Zoe, and Dimitri (aka Little D). This is the lovely family that let us live in their home when we first arrived in Phoenix and they were in Greece. After taking over their space, it is so fun to finally meet them and I'm excited to already have new friends! They were our first dinner guests a couple of weeks ago, and from their first meeting, Hailey and Zoe have become fast friends. And while P Diddy and Little D don't exactly understand what to do with each other, I'm confident they will be rappers extraordinaire in no time.
Hailey has taking dress up to a whole new level and frequently ventures down the stairs in new and exciting princess combinations. This one is a crowd favorite.
She is also my secretary/body guard- please note the samurai sword in her "belt" while she answers a real phone call. Telemarketers beware.

And you thought I was kidding about Parker and Dimitri!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please give a warm welcome to...

Michael David Cornelius Walsh
Born August 25, 2009
to Manus, Malinda, and Katie Walsh
at 3:39 pm in Kilkenny, Ireland
weighing 7 lb 6 oz
Promptly snuggled by a glowing Daddy.
And loved on by Big Sister Katie.
Dear Michael,
I'm your Auntie Leslie.  I live very far away in Phoenix, where we will tell your Daddy that it is always sunny and cool and never too hot so we can convince him to move here.  You are in Ireland, which feels like it is worlds away to me when all I want to do is snuggle you up and kiss your face and hug your mommy and tell her what an amazing woman she is. 
You are a very lucky little guy.  You have been born into a family that is loving and kind and funny and adventurous.  You have a big sister named Katie- I'm sure you remember hearing her when you were in your mommy's tummy.  She is beautiful and although it's been a while since I have seen her, I am sure that she is a hoot just like your parents and will take good care of you.  Now, you should expect that things might be a little rough in your relationship at times- that's just how it is with brothers and sisters.  And she might not like you very much for a little while since you staged a coup and she is no longer the baby of the family.  But she will get over it eventually when she realizes that you idolize her.
Please be nice to your mom.  Let her sleep a little here and there.  Be kind to your food source, handle with care if at all possible.
I can't wait to meet you little man.  You are a precious gift, even so far away.  Lots of long distance hugs and kisses and a little nap snuggling on the couch with your nutty Aunt Leslie.
I love you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Phun in Phoenix

It was a long, long ride for the men, but they made it!  Jona's dad flew to Nashville and helped make the drive cross country, through some barren wasteland, across bumpy Oklahoma, and finally into Phoenix.  THANK YOU TONY!
Most of our stuff fit in the Budget truck, with some key items left behind in the care of our wonderful neighbors- primarily the swingset.  While we are sad that it does not grace our putting green of grass in the backyard, we feel confident that River and Emilia are giving it the love and attention it so deserves.  And Hailey is adequately distracted by her love for the pool so she hasn't been overly crushed to see it go.
Jona and some really great friends did an awesome job of fitting all of our junk in this thing.  No space was spared, and no room for anything else.  And if you think the truck looks tough to manuever in parking lots and gas stations, let me inform you that they were towing Jona's pick-up!  Yes, the Ford Ranger (who really should have a name at this point) is still with this Maupin family- it just keeps on truckin'!
Speaking of truckin' along...His speed makes him appear blurry in this photo.  Can you see the wind in his hair?
We have been decorating, and Hailey's room was the first room completed- and the only one to date :)
Hailey was misbehaving one morning during our unpacking extravaganza, so Parker decided to pack her up and ship her back to Nashville.
HAHAHAHAHA- the toys are MINE all MINE!!!
Hailey started school this past week at the Child Development Lab on ASU campus.  We looked at several different schools and most of them made me cry when we left.  Really, there is nothing here that will compete with her Vandy school and I need to just get over it.  WE MISS YOU ALLISON AND MONTREIA!  So, while it is not as spectacular as Vandy, this place is great and she is very, very happy there.  Her teachers are tons of fun, there are a million things for her to do throughout the day, she naps like a champ, and she seems to be adjusting like a rock star.  All that and it is next door to Jona's office building so he has been able to check on her daily.
When I picked her up from her first day we explored a little around campus and chowed down on some Coldstone ice cream.  This is Mill Avenue which is full of cool shops and restaurants and we even found a splash pad to run in- a TOTAL necessity when it is over 100 degrees everyday!
All in all, we are doing great and making the move with grace.  The kids are very happy, we are already making new friends and have even had our first family of friends over for dinner!  So do we like Phoenix??
Parker says "WOO HOO!"