Saturday, October 31, 2009

"I didn't get any candy..."

The grand finale happened at our house. A bunch of friends came over for an early dinner and neighborhood looting. The kids had a blast and the parents enjoyed adult conversation!

Nothing like a princess picnic in the backyard. Munching on Dino Nuggets before the sugar induced coma could set in.


Tinkerbell...aka Emily

and her sister Cinderella...aka Ella.

Tink...aka Zoe.

Pirate Princess...aka Alexa.

Post dinner and lots of playing, we hit the streets. Parker didn't mind the pumpkin suit at all, seemed to pad his falls.

They attacked each door like a pack of rabid dogs. It was hysterical to watch the group try to figure out how to move out of the way of an opening door.

At one house the family was leaving and the kids marched on into the open garage with bags open, arms outstretched. Parker was actually the first one in, Hailey brought up the rear of the group. As she walked into the garage of a neighbor we haven't met, I asked "What do you say?" Did she respond "trick or treat"...NO. Did she say "happy halloween"...NO. My oh so polite and lovely Mulan held out her bag and said "I say, I didn't get any candy."
Parker the Pumpkin thought this whole idea was great. Wander the neighborhood with your friends following a pack of screaming girls and eating rocks along the way...mecca.

"I just don't get what all the hoopla is about. Tastes like paper to me. They all taste like paper. Boring. Where did I leave my rock?"

Mulan on the skids.

Pumpkin Carving

The fun continued with a Carving Party at the Hruschka's. It was complete chaos, and we loved it! Dee LOVES Halloween and I love that she loves it so much :) Their house was decorated with all things Halloween and she even managed to make only orange food!

After dinner, half of the parents had the joy of carving pumpkins with the little people. I am happy to report that no blood was shed.

The other half of us...some might say the smarter half...chased the little people around thus avoiding pumpkin goo.

The end result was fantabulous. I love how different each pumpkin is, how they represent each family. Which one do you think is the Maupin??

Trick or Treat

Our Halloween festivities began last weekend at Mother Nature's Pumpkin Patch. The weather is FINALLY glorious and we can enjoy outdoor activities again.
How cute are these kids? Seriously.
Hailey and Zoe are bosom buddies :)

The girls picked a pumpkin and then decorated it with stickers. Sadly we arrived after the stickers had been heavily picked over. Hailey's is covered with random letters and a dinosaur.

Parker wandered around like he owned the joint. There was sand in his diaper when I changed him that night...probably still is.

Parker and Dimitri didn't get to decorate their own pumpkins, but that didn't stop them from touching every last one of them at least once.

They had a few goats and a cow that the kids fed. Parker kept trying to kiss the goats...the goats kept trying to eat his clothes.
Hailey became one with the cow.

Once we were able to break her nature induced trance we headed over to the hay ride. The kids loved it...the view of the newly constructed strip mall followed by the empty field was indeed rather awe inspiring.

The hay maze is always a crowd favorite. And I am happy to report that everyone was able to make it out alive...even Michail (sorry man, couldn't resist!).

Fun was had by all, and the cuteness was irresistible.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brain Lines

I started my new job today. This week is hospital orientation and computer orientation. Its only been one day and I am already exhausted. Mostly because I sat on my butt, in a freezing cold room, for 8 1/2 doubt chasing Parker around is WAY more fun than that!

Parker is being taken care of by a WONDERFUL woman who brings along her 11 month old daughter. For now they are hanging at our crib but when they move into their new house, right around the corner from ASU, her crib will be where da party at.

Got home, went for a walk with the family to look at the gorgeous sunset, Jona and I made dinner, and listened to Hailey repeatedly melt down over...well...nothing really. But at some point I made a face at her and she looked at me, pulled her bangs up and asked if she had lines on her forehead too.

Thanks Hailey, I feel younger and prettier everyday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Hailey- Where are you going for Christmas?

Hey Parker- Are you excited?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahhhh morning cartoons

Never let the TV be your babysitter...let it be your sanity.