Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Little Man

This is a post I have been working on since Sept 27th, its only been a month, but I haven't been able to load pictures until today. Either way, he still is adorable :)
Parker is two. Did you hear that? I said, Parker is TWO! How on earth did that happen?!? He is two and adorable and fabulous and a handful and dramatic and little and lovable and OH-SO-BLONDE! He is a whopping 26 pounds (25 percentile) and 35 inches (50 percentile), but his great curls add at least 2 inches. And I love him. I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM. His smile is contagious, he sings Twinkle Twinkle and he talks back to Diego and Dora like their lives depend on his every move.

We had a party at the house to celebrate his big day. It was a grand success even if he was a little annoyed about sharing his brand new toys. I found myself inspired by my friend Debbie, who recently had a party for her son's first birthday. As it turns out, I am no Debbie. She comments repeatedly on the ease of making her own amazingly fabulous party decor...mine were not easy but I like to think we had our own fabulousness going on!

I made these pinwheels. And for every father at the party who felt compelled to remind me over and over that they didn't spin up to the standards of a...well...anyone really, they were a royal pain in the rear end to make! Jona quit not even halfway through. I did not enjoy constructing them, or even duct taping them together in the end, but I did INDEED make them and I was giving them out darn it. So there.

These were my other super-cute-and-crafty party favor idea. And while they did turn out super-cute-and-crafty, the names started popping off the balls well before a single guest arrived. I didn't let anyone touch them until every single guest had arrived so everyone could see the cuteness!! And then everyone took home a perfectly plain beach ball...yippie.

There was digging...


sliding and splashing!

Chicken wings for all, because as it turns out, while Parker wants to be a vegetarian he is a chicken wang lover!

And sweets, my oh my there were sweets. Parker believes with all his heart that birthdays mean cake, nothing but cake, cake cake cake...and M&Ms!

These were also inspired by Debbie, and they turned out PERFECT!

My Big Little Man loved every second of it. I love you my precious little boy, you are such a gift and I thank my lucky stars everyday to have you as my son!


  1. Girl, you GO with your party-planning self! You crack me up. Everything looked so great, and the kiddos looked like they had so much fun. I love the balls! I love it all, the marshmallow pops came out awesome!!! I bet the kids were in heaven, it looked like Candyland!

    And I'll give you credit on those pinwheels. Spinning or not, they still came out super cute. I'll attempt alot of things, but your bravery got me beat on that project.

    What's next? :)

  2. Leslie, would you be willing to send me some of your favorite pics from the party? I started a new blog just for this fun stuff, and I'd love to share all your creativity! :) You can check it out here: